We hired Ohio Web Technologies for our Tilted Kilt Calendar Voting website. We found them to be highly knowledgeable in their industry with lightning-fast response times when we were working with them. They kept in constant contact to let us know how the project was going, they also beat all competitors pricing by a substantial amount.

We highly recommend Ohio Web Tech for any individuals needing work done, or corporations looking for trustworthy, competent web developers who are looking out for your brand’s best interest.

They did a great job at matching their voting app with our website.
Our voting app is located here: Kilt Girls Calendar (But it’s only live for 1 month out of the year.) Here is a screenshot in case our voting campaign is over: Screenshot

Can you see why we recommend them? This only took them a day to put together! WOW! 5 Stars for Ohio Web Tech. Thanks again for your awesome service and help!