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Photo Realistic 3D Display Guide

Ohio 3D Designers

Project Description

The display guide shown is a 3D display for Flood brand deck stains to be displayed in Home Depot.

Have you ever heard the expression “a picture speaks thousand words”? When your store representatives have to setup your displays in hundreds of stores, creating a Photo Realistic 3D Display Guide will ensure that every display is exactly the same. You can eliminate variances left open to interpretation from traditional flat display guides by giving your reps a 3D visual of the in store display.

Get approval from the stores your products will be displayed in prior to having hundreds of displays made only to find out the stores don’t approve of your specs. Leave out the guess work! Our Ohio 3D Designers create Photo Realistic 3D renderings of display guides for companies across the US and abroad.

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Project Details

  • Client Akzo Nobel
  • Date August 20, 2012
  • Tags 3D Design
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