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Photo Realistic 3D Paint Cans

Photo Realistic 3D Design

Project Description

The 3D cans built here were done as a part of a photo realistic 3D advertising campaign. The benefit of photo realistic advertising is that once the 3D models are built you can control the camera angle so that each photo is done from exactly the same angle with the same lighting. This gives a more professional and consistent look to your ad.

In this case, the client had roughly 20 different types of stains. Each with their own label and branding. We were able to wrap the labels around the 3D model and then provide sell sheets, advertisements and 3D stack out models which all had the cans at the exact same angle and lighting. In the future, when the labels changed, it was an easier task to change the label on the 3D model than to hire a photographer to setup the exact same studio setup with the same lighting and angles as the previous shoot.

Photo realistic 3D models will save you time and money in the long run over traditional studio photography.

Project Details

  • Client Akzo Nobel
  • Date July 22, 2013
  • Tags 3D Design
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