The Smartest Sharing Tools!

There are many ways that website designers can help their clients get involved with Social Networking. For many small to midsized businesses creating a Facebook and Twitter Page might not always be the best way to deliver their content because it does take a lot of time. If you are going to create these pages you have to keep up on them or people will lose interest.

So what is the best alternative? There is a tool from AddThis that is very easy to install on your website. The tool gives you the ability to share any page or post on your website with almost every type of social website without the need for your business to have an account setup with the social networks that your users belong to.

What is AddThis?

AddThis is the world’s largest content sharing and social insights platform:

Social Network Sharing Tools

Easy-to-use tools help users to share your content and drive viral traffic
In-depth analytics provide insight into your audience and user activity
Powerful APIs let you create your own UI, access analytics, and more

Get AddThis

We recently added the AddThis social tool to the Ohio Web Technologies website and we are very excited to watch the growth. While Ohio Web Technologies does have a company Facebook page, we feel that making it easy for our visitors to share the content on any page of our website with their social network of choice is the best way to go.

If you have any questions about how your company can benefit from social networking please contact us!